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Does anyone else want the Fins to go 0-16?

I really want the fins to go 0-16 so the undefeated '72 team can stop doing their stupid popping of the champagne when a team loses their 1st game. And then I want Luck to go somewhere else.
I want them to draft Luck

and I doubt the '72 team will stop poppin' champagne until someone goes undefeated all the way through the super bowl
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Yes I do
I'd rather Indy get Luck. So no.
It would provide a nice symmetry. And I think they stand a good chance whether we want it or not.
I was going to say no, but you just swayed me remembering those tards popping champagne every year. So yes I do now. Plus I would rather Luck play in Miami than Indy.
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I don't want Indy to get Luck. I'd personally prefer that Denver gets Luck. So hopefully Denver loses out and the other s**tty teams lose a few. Oh Damn I just realized Miami has that tiebreaker on Denver too. lol
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I'd pop champagne too! But no I don't want the Dolphins to lose all their games, the Colts on the other hand....
I'd like them to go 1-15 and the Colts get Luck w/0-16.
Yes, to keep Luck away from the Colts.

I want the Dolphins to get Luck.
Indy is the worst team of the NFL.
Miami almost beat someone this past sunday...
Im sure they could get a W before the end of the year.

Indy does not deserve another franchise QB, let them draft someone else. Hope the fins get the first pick in the draft.
f**k all you guys i want him in a niner jersey!
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it's possible the Cardinals could get the pick..they are tied for the 2nd worst record in the league with the Rams, Colts and Dolphins worst of course.
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