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How about that Bruce Miller

I was so wrong about this pick.
A perfect example of great drafting and coaching.

He'll get a little bigger and definitely stronger, add to that more experienced and more skilled. WOW!
Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
I was so wrong about this pick.

Rather, I think Baalke was so right about this pick... That pick demonstrated very impressive scouting...

The Colin Jones, Mike Person, and Daniel Kilgore picks were also panned by many and all are turning out to be solid, if not excellent picks.

The signings of Carlos Rogers, Dante Whitner, CJ Spillman, Larry Grant, Blake Costanzo, and Tavares Gooden also raised many eyebrows at the time....not so much now as all have made significant contributions.

Turns out that Baalke really does know how to put together a great NFL roster. He should really win Executive of the Year....and it shouldn't even be close.

The only mistake the Baalke / Harbaugh team made in the draft / FA period was not getting WR Doug Baldwin from Stanford, who is now thriving with Seattle. With so many good decisions made by this team, one has got to have more confidence that Kaep will indeed end up being a really good NFL QB.

Yeah Miller is A Beast.
Diablo Rojo!!!
Admittedly hated the move to FB knowing he was a mammoth pass-rusher coming out of college (Defensive Player of the Year at that), but he is a massive upgrade over Norris at FB and for now, we have done well to get the most out of him on this team.

Great work, Bruce.
VEry nice pick, this past draft is turning out to be a gem::

go niners! kill the lambs!
!!!Diablo Rojo!!!
You have been a big surprise, coach must have known something we didn't, congradulations on a fine year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meh, he's only an alternate.

Sorry that does not get my dick hard.
Best FB we've had since Fred Beasley.
Originally posted by thechamber52:
Best FB we've had since Fred Beasley.

Pretty much. I just get those 'what if' moments if the guy stayed at his natural position, we could have to young dogs hunting the QB.
Good pick and good job teaching him.
Originally posted by susweel:
meh, he's only an alternate.

Sorry that does not get my dick hard.

i would really like to see his list of who he would have drafted in the past seven years. Baalke has earned some respect by Niners fans.
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