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Week 1 NFL Gameday Thread

Titans I need fantasy points!
Originally posted by kray28:
Beagles are looking like the Miami Heat of the NFL

true so far.

BUt remember they didn't really come flying out of the gates last year either.

And yes steven jackson is hurt... again.
Is Cutler the least likable QB in the NFL?
I never draft jackson, hes on my dnd list
Ray Rice, I love you.
Indy should just throw Painter out there, see if he can at least do an Alex Smith
I wonder if the Colts coach will get fired as part of the sinking colts ship, or will they just say the reason they lost is cuz of manning?
Colts look like garbage. The Texans are destroying them
Lol Cutler fail
Originally posted by saniner:
Colts look like garbage. The Texans are destroying them

This, they look demoralized like we used to look under singletary. The coach better try something new, or put painter in, the game is already lost, might as well experiment with a differnt style of play, or different play calls.
I just saw a guy get tacked by his dreads
Originally posted by kray28:
Lol Cutler fail

I'm an alex smith fan, but that was an alex smith throw.

Granted it was across his body while being chased.
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lmfao apparently it is legal to tackle a player by his hair
How badly is Jackson hurt? I saw him standing on the sideline. And yes, I only care because he's on my Fantasy team.