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"Unwritten rules" follow up/conclusion

The original thread wasn't about whining and throwing a fit we were blitzed. I was trying to focus on the "unwritten rules" of the NFL and how you respond if you feel they were violated. The N.O. blitzing was just what got me thinking.

Every sport has a way of dealing with it. You would think with the NFL being one of the most violent of the sports a bit of payback would be more common...but oddly it is not. I even went back and tried to find the last time it actually happened. I'm not aware of another example besides the GB-CHI game.

FYI from what I found that hit in the video ended McMahon's season and the defensive player was only suspended 2 games.

I understand the responses from some people not getting that as the NO game has created a bit of negative spin here in the forums.

The general tone from normal responses was hitting the QB would not be an acceptable response.

If you want to beat someone beat them ON the field. I think this is the way Harbaugh goes and if he ever has the Saints in a vulnerable position he will put his boot down on their throat a la the USC game.
maybe the third time will be the charm!
okay, so what is the (non)issue again?
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