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Who is the 2nd best WR ever?

Who is the 2nd best WR ever?

with T.O likely done who do you think the 2nd best WR was? Its a toss up between Moss and T.O for me.
Can't leave out Micheal Irvin
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Randy Moss.
torn between harrison and bruce, they almost the exact same player
Probably Moss but the rules make it easier on WRs now days.
I would take Mike Irvin after Rice. Number wise he won't be there, but after Jerry I would trust Irvin in a big game situation over any other wr ever. Numbers wise it would be TO 2nd and Moss 3rd.
Jerry Rice is not on the list????
rashuan woods lol
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Originally posted by stunder49:
rashuan woods lol

Originally posted by Shorteous:
Can't leave out Micheal Irvin

Yes, you most certainly can.

Everybody on that list is/was better than Irvin and there are at least a handful more that deserve to be on the list before him as well.

He was a good player on a great team, but nowhere near the 2nd best receiver in history. If he did what he did on another team during those years, nobody would ever think of placing him on this poll.

He had a couple great years and a few very good years playing for an overall great offense and was ALWAYS in the spotlight, so I would expect people to bring him up, but like I said, everybody else on that list is/was better.

Anyway, I'd go with Owens or Moss.

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Originally posted by Hitman49:
Jerry Rice is not on the list????

why? you think he is the 2nd best WR?

PJ Fleck
Andre or Calvin Johnson............Im from the future by the way........oh with a Fitzgerald and a Ward as a close 2nd top the 2nd if that makes any
As of now it has to be T.O.
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