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CB Chris Culliver, South Carolina


On that pass TD pass to Colston, he was in perfect position, just didn't locate the ball. Pretty sure the sun played a major factor.
I'll trust that coach that has us in the NFC Championship.....thnx.......
Originally posted by elguapo:
O really swan? Really? Cully could of turned around and swatted the ball. And I wasn't just talking about the td pass to Colton.......he got burned twice against the giants and luckily manning overthrew the wr. Again just bc he is our fastest cb doesn't mean he should be our number 3. Right now spencer is and was the better cb he had a very good few years and right now still may be the better option. Let's just hope cully doesn't get burned Sunday. I'm sure cully will be a great cb for us but right now I am a bit worried.

Also the miners should be picking on prince amukamara but if ginn can't play looks like swain may not be able to do so.

Yes, a guy who has been active for like 3 or 4 games this season is the better option. Makes sense...There is obviously a reason why Culliver plays over Spencer. And the reason I brought up the size and speed was because of matchup issues. The thing with evaluating CB's is you usually only hear their name when they give up a play. What about all the other times hes been on the field and had good coverage?
Yeah he's gonna get picked on. Hope he steps his game up. What's the point in being in position if you don't make the play on the ball? 1st match up he got burned twice vs the Giants. Before the season Spencer would have been a no brainier to have this spot locked down. But the coaches didn't like somethign about him or his play so it is what it is. Can't just let him in the game now and expect him to play better than Culliver. Culliver just has to grow up in a hurry this weekend. I think he will step it up.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:

On that pass TD pass to Colston, he was in perfect position, just didn't locate the ball. Pretty sure the sun played a major factor.

yeah, but he is going to still be a rookie in this game.....he needs to be ready for those, he gave up the exact same looking TD pass to Giants earlier in the season.

they'll try it again until he stops it.
Hope he steps up with a big game this weekend!

You don't hear too much about Cully. Who knows what his ceiling will be as a corner, but if he's played this solid all year as a rookie, we've got ourselves a quality starter for years to come. Hopefully a pro bowler
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Culliver will be alright...he got burned a few times this season, but he got the best on the job training there is. I expect great things from him next year. He turned out be a great pick.
I dont think Culliver is ready to take Rogers place in the secondary just yet........the only reason that Tarrell Brown played decent enough was Rogers made him better & i dont think this is the case if both Culliver & Brown start week 1.........i can see him starting down the line for us but not just yet we might take steps backwards on defense if they guys are our starting DB's next season

We need Rogers back.

Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
We need Rogers back.

I agree hopefully him and Alex give us a break, so we can upgrade other positions.
I don't think this guy gets enough credit. He played extremely well as a rookie last year and it looks like he elevated his game this offseason.

Not only did he make a brilliant play to seal the victory, but you rarely heard his name called today (which is sometimes good for a cornerback). I believe—correct me if I'm wrong—he was matched up on an island with Jordy Nelson all game today, and he only came away with 5 catches for 64 yards. Not bad at all if you ask me, especially since Nelson was Rogers favorite target last year.

I think Culliver is going to be a 49er for a long, long time. Great find by Baalke and company.
I love reading the first few pages where people wanted to crucify Baalke for drafting him. Dudes and stud and Baalke proved he can find gems anywhere in the Draft.
Culliver and Brown made 2 of the best plays in the secondary against the Packs. Can't ask any better from a CB.
All three corners are solid. What I love about them is they're nasty when they tackle too. When all 11 players on the defense can tackle... watch out opposing offenses.
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