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CB Chris Culliver, South Carolina

"Great pick!"

said his cousin.
Not so impressed with Baalke so far this draft but we'll see, time will tell...
we better have a bad ass free agency so we can get some damn help for next year...
Were starting to get some db's with speed. Adams last year and Culliver this year. I like.
Why not take the Dyke guy that Oakland picked. He runs a 4.28.
Originally posted by rayn36:
Why not take the Dyke guy that Oakland picked. He runs a 4.28.

Or Fua or Kendrick Ellis
i like the pick. i think they will move him to FS
The Niners drafted here for size and speed, despite the lack of actual football production or experience at their position of need (CB-Culliver played most of his time at FS, only converting to CB in his final year).

So, the Niners spend their first three picks (and had to give up two others) for not one, not two, but three developmental projects.

I wonder if we go 1-15 next year and end up drafting first...

4.35 40, built like a tank, strong and fast, raw but there's a lot of potential there.
Baalke said he likes big CBs. Culliver was one of the biggest and fastest available. However, from what I read just not the best available. I hoep they COACH EM UP. Although I like what I read on him more than Van Dyke who the Raiders took right after us.
Originally posted by genus49:
I think that's a bit high I would've preferred any of Davon House, Curtis Brown, Johnny Patrick or Chimdi Chekwa over Culliver.

Hopefully this is one of those guys that surprises.

At least it's a position of need.

agreed. just better talent on the board.
Its a good thing that we brought over a badass secondary coach, just as we have a badass linebackers coach and a former NFL QB for head-coach. I wonder if this Culliver guy is as much a toy for the 49ers new special teams coach as he is meant to be a player on the defense.
Not often a free safety moves to cb. Usually see that the other way around.
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