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CB Chris Culliver, South Carolina

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Originally posted by Janitor:

I thought about calling this the Jerry Rice pick.
oh em gee Culliver is going to be a steal! TOTALLY!!
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Mayock said he had him rated a 6th rounder, but Maddog had him as pick #80!
Negatives sounds like Clements...not good.


Biography: Three-year starter at both safety and cornerback. Senior totals included 34 tackles with two passes broken up in seven games. Missed the second half of the season with a torn pectoral muscle. All-Conference selection as a junior with 62 tackles. Experienced kick returner.

Positives: "Versatile defensive back with adequate size. Breaks down well, displays effective footwork in all directions of the field, and plays with good quickness. Effective facing the action and displays good recognition of routes in zone coverage. Physical, fights hard to defend the throw, and shows aggressiveness in run defense. Displays a good burst of straight line speed and quickly closes to the action."

Negatives: "Struggled at cornerback last season, reacting slowly to receivers' moves off the line and struggling to stay downfield with them. Does not always play to his timed speed. Not a strong or sturdy defensive back. Struggles getting off blocks to make plays. Coming off an injury."

Analysis: "When healthy and at the top of his game, Culliver can be a productive defensive back who is best lined up in a zone system facing the action and can help in the return game. He must get back to full health but is worth developing for the future."

Projection: 3-4

Go to it!
I think that's a bit high I would've preferred any of Davon House, Curtis Brown, Johnny Patrick or Chimdi Chekwa over Culliver.

Hopefully this is one of those guys that surprises.

At least it's a position of need.

"has the size, speed, times the pattern well, gets caught looking in the backfield"

"needs coaching"

Originally posted by bret:
Mayock said he had him rated a 6th rounder, but Maddog had him as pick #80!

Huh?? Chris Culliver is rated a 6th round? serious???
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Honestly, what came to mind was "well, we got a potentially serviceable DB in Phillip Adams frmo a small school in the 7th rd. Maybe Baalke can see something in DBs like Ozzie Newsome can.

But this, to me, was another surprise. Granted, I'm no draftnik. But given the previous rush on DBs, it seemed like a reach for need.
Now we def should have traded back here...
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