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32 worst first round draft picks in NFL history

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Originally posted by danimal:
Originally posted by j3xperience:
Oh look no Alex Smith.

to the Smith haters,


so out of over a thousand candidates, Alex does not end up being in the worst 32. Yeah, the Haters got owned on this one

Secondly, this is clearly from a perspective of those who failed by many peoples standards and thus never earned a chance. Ask a typical Niner fan who caused him more grief....Alex or Woods???

Smart people would have cut Alex years ago, thus he might have made this list. Smart people have not been in positions of power within the Niners in over a decade though.

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Originally posted by crzy:
Alex Smith should be #1 on that list

Primarily because of the number of years that we wasted on him.

At least other teams were quick enough to relize how much thier first round picks sucked, while we kept making excuses for Alex Smith.

Most teams hold on to their high pick busts 2-3 years. Alex lasted 6 years. While he isn't a bust on the level of the top 32, he is a bust considering he was a #1 overall pick. A #1 overall pick is expected to be a pro bowler, not in the bottom 1/3 statistically at his position. Knowing what everyone knows today he would have been a 4th rounder at best.
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