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NFL Playoffs: Divisional Weekend (1/15-1/16)

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Originally posted by Jcool:
Anyone know what Phil Simms is talking about? Saying Brady is "throwing the ball away" on the two incomplete passes.

Belichick really doesn't trust his defense, two years in a row now.
Originally posted by jrg:
See ya later pats

yeah, that sealed it!!
LMAO at that TD celebration.
Brady has to wait one more year.
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Should have slide at 1...
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Now beat Pittsburgh and I can enjoy the Super Bowl
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Originally posted by jimrat201:
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
HAH Brady > Montana...yeah right

even when Montana lost in the playoffs it wasn't by this much.

I wouldnt go that far, the Vikings and Giants put an ass whippin on Montana teams If I remember right

Jesus man, are you the same guy who said Montana and Lott where drafted the same year? Cmon man!
Goddammit...the Steelers are gonna win the Super Bowl again.

Hate to watch Ryan right now
Originally posted by Esco:
Now beat Pittsburgh and I can enjoy the Super Bowl

This. x100

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Man, just bonkers on the celebration.

Watching Rex run is funny, though!
Bill Belichick is f**kin dumb. Why would you onside kick it there? He went full retard.
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