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NFL Playoffs: Divisional Weekend (1/15-1/16)

we could've had Rogers.....
Aaron is the man! Such a presence. Great throws.
Originally posted by Esco:
Rodgers rarely throws incomplete passes

that is how he was at Cal... and most of his incomplete passes are on purpose.

I don't know if I'm remembering this correctly, but one game against #1 ranked USC he was about to set the record for a perfect passing completions, but toward the end of the game he threw the ball away instead of taking a sack or something selfish to keep the streak.

he also had both of his starting receivers injured that game...and they almost beat USC on the last play, but the receiver dropped the ball.
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God, watching this game is making me so depressed. I really miss having a great QB.

Hopefully Harbaugh can find us one.
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james jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i still hope we pick him up if he's not resigned
Originally posted by YungAce:
james jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i still hope we pick him up if he's not resigned

I like Jones but he wouldnt have Rodgers throwing to him anymore.
Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
Originally posted by YungAce:
Originally posted by YungAce:
Go Ravens, Patriots, Bears, and Packers!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't tell me all of my teams are going to lose again!

your teams??? I thought you liked the niners!

9ers are just my regular season team
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How tall is James Jones?
Yay PI
Rodgers is awesome

that was retarded.
Holy s**t! What a turn of events
i didn't even know about williams until the playoffs.... goddamn
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