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Conversation on Sunday, Alex Smith vs. Aaron Rodgers

As if the season wasn't already a dissapointment, all we're gonna hear on Sunday is the comparison between Alex Smith's career so far vs. Aaron Rodgers'. First things first, I am one of the many that expected this year to be one of the better year's the Niners have seen in a long time, but of course, that didn't happen. Not only have we had to go out there and play vs the ref's with several very questionable calls but also battle our own stupid mistakes. Then on top of that, we change OC's again! So now that's, correct me if I'm wrong, 7 OC's that the team has had to deal with in 5 years??? So how is that giving Alex Smith a fair shot at being the QB we all hoped he would be? Not to mention the injuries at the line and the unsteady play every week. Let's also not forget Alex got thrown into the game while Rodgers had 4 years to sit behind old man Favre. And despite Green Bay's winning seasons, what has Rodgers truly won??? Nothing at all. And if our record didn't already speak for itself, Sing throws Troy Smith with his very limited grasp of the offense into the mix. For what?? Once again, Alex left out in the cold. I'm not saying he would have done better, but for once the line gave our QB time to set up and throw the ball......except to Vernon Davis who has yet to be covered by any LB or safety in the league. I don't know about anyone else but it's pretty sad to hear Steve Yound and Matt Millen ask why Troy Smith is starting when he knows so little of the offensive playbook????? As for the rest of the season, guess we'll just have to sit back and enjoy the ride, or at least try to.
I could care less about "fairness" for a guy that made a sh*tload of money playing NFL football - who was extremely overpaid for his talent level.

At least we will be done with these comparisons after this season, because this is Smith's last year on contract. And he hasn't done anything that would make them want to invest more in him.

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Being able to hit a receiver in stride.

Not fumbling the ball over and over again.

An average to weak arm.

A slow release.

I don't think Alex Smith will ever be able change these things about his game, no matter the OC or head coach
You won't hear to much about it b/c it's pretty clear worldwide that the Niners made the wrong choice. Everybody has already moved on except us b/c we still stuck with Smith, and his losing.
I count 8 one thousands

You make good points, but I'm personally sick of feeling sorry for Alex.

I'm patiently waiting for the off season.
I heard that ESPN wanted to do a Smith/Rodgers bit. When they asked Rodgers about it, he said, "Alex who?"

Unfortunately, the bit never went further than that.
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oh boo hoo poor alex didn't get a fair shot at the starting position.

alex had 6 years to win the position and lost it how many times?

if alex goes to the ufl next year i hope his legion of apologists go with him.

i swear someone even called knbr last night and let the alexcuses fly.

Troy Smith is the starter period.
Rodgers =


A. Smith =

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Originally posted by susweel:
Rodgers =


A. Smith =


Anyone that thinks they can fairly compare the two is really dumb and very ignorant. Subtle enough?
Ok, I understand everyone's frustration with Alex Smith, and all I'm gonna add is he wasn't alone on playing bad. Moving on, who sho we get at QB cuz I seriously doubt Troy Smith is the long term answer.....
With clueless fans like the ABA posters (Anyone But Alex), I frankly am begining to take delight in their angst and frustration. Couldn't happen to more deserving people.
Originally posted by GBNinerFan:
Anyone that thinks they can fairly compare the two is really dumb and very ignorant. Subtle enough?

sure doesn't stop em.
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