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Brad Childress Fired

I'd be content if the Yorkies get em next week just for a season or two.
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We could very well have Holmgren as HC and Childress as OC.

Why would you say that?

Holmgren hasn't ever worked with Childress.

Why would you say that?? Does a HC have to work with an OC in order for them to work together??

Andy Reid comes from the Holmgren tree, that's why I say that. I feel it would be a perfect match.

Good call! Childress is an awesome OC as long as he doesn't make big decisions or talk in public. As long as we get a HC in the same philosophy as Childress offense he would be an awesome candidate.

I have NO DOUBT in my mind Holmgren and Childress would put our offense back to elite status, we just gotta make those moves.

Oh god please bring the WCO back to its birthplace. I'm tired of seeing other teams run it so successfully.
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A QB would go a long way toward make this offense relevant than any coach could.
Everyone lost respect for him and sided with Old Man Favre. IMO, if he was really about the team first, he would've benched Favre and put in Jackson. Favre has been awful this season. Jackson would atleast bring some energy and mobility to the team. He couldn't do any worse.
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