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The NFL is cracking down... AGAIN!

The NFL will announce Wednesday that effective immediately, players will face suspension for what they believe are classified as "devastating hits" and "head shots."

ESPN: NFL to announce suspensions for 'head shots.'

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New Female League

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The End of Football as we know it
f**k that
in 2014 we'll be playing in flags
Why take away "devastating hits"? It's turning into the "National Fruit League."
Originally posted by niners94:
Why take away "devastating hits"? It's turning into the "National Fruit League."

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As long as this doesnt get out of control i think this is a good rule... Of the 4 "hot topic" hits - D. Robinson on D-Jax, James Harrison x2, and whoever on heap....

Robinson hit was just part of the game i think it was just a player making a play and it was just a timing thing.
Harrison hits well out of control he lead with his helmet and speared on both plays.

and the heap hit just looked dumb the player (i think merriweather not sure tho) just like tried to hit them then threw his head at heap...

I think this is going to be a fine rule as long as ever hard hit in not a suspention...
f**king bulls**t
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I don't understand how they can take away tackling.

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It's to prevent concussions. The more rules they enforce to protect the player's health, the less money it will cost them for insurance and retirement benefits. And you protect your star athletes, too.

Goodell is a business man first. Protect your assets, limit your liability.
Say good-bye to hits like this...

yes! one step closer to professional flag football!
So lame. This rule is going to ruin this league in my opinion. The QB coddling almost did, but this will put it over the top.

The frustrating thing is that we all know this is driven by money. The owners/Goodell don't give a s*** about the player's health. They just don't want their moneymakers to miss games. If it came from an altruistic place, it would make me feel better.

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