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George Blanda is dead

Props to the man. 26 years of Pro Football. No one will ever play that long again.;_ylt=As1nPr5cVXVD5426z_oYvu1DubYF?slug=ap-obit-georgeblanda
rip. its seems like the ole' raiders are meeting their makers alot lately.
I heard this. He was a classic!
A name synonymous with "Raiders" and with "old-school."

Rest In Peace, Blanda.
Watched him play in the 60 & 70's. Good field goal kicker and he kicked straight on. He also filled in at QB and did a pretty good job.
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he's hella oldschool lol... RIP George
RIP but lmao at title.
Tough as nails and very good at eveything he did in football. RIP

RIP Kung Fu Blanda

WTF lol

Kicker and QB at the same time, man.

RIP old school.
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