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Dirty Plays and Cheap Shots

So lately there has been alot of dirty plays going on in the NFL and honestly, I think its ruining the game.

I turned on the ESPN and saw the highlights of the Rams Redskins game and when Steven Jackson was taken out because of his groin pull, I noticed that the Skins defender has his leg when he was already down and pulled up making him to basically the splits.

Then there have been some grabbing of the lower regions and Davis was not the first.

What is happening with the league these days. This is just going to ruin the game.
Yeah I made a topic like this yesterday (pertaining to the 49ers/Chiefs ) game and nobody could get the point of it. (They just kept re-quoting how football is a man's game, which wasn't even the point.)

There was a f**kin' dude grabbing Anthony Davis' crotch yesterday, and he was grabbing crotches the week before! Chiefs DE Shaun Smith is the WWE's Goldust of the NFL!
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Yes, Davis' crotch was the firsts crotch grabbed in the history of the NFL. You're right.

Enough of the baseless "these days" arguments.

The game is more enforced than it has been at any time in history.

What are you hoping for?
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