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Sunday Night Football con SAP?

Is there a reason why specific commercials have been spoken en Español or is it a glitch in my NBC signal?

It's funny b/c I hung out wit my fam today and mi abuela habla en espanol solamente, hehe, so I didn't notice until I was watching the NFL Mobile commercial for Verizon and realized they were speaking in Spanish.

Is it Latino Heritage Weekend or are they just doing it b/c Sanchez is the QB of the Jets and they're playing in Miami? If the second is true, it's kinda insulting b/c we have a lot more latinos in California, not to mention Arizona and Texas, yet we didn't get any of this. Not to mention, we had a latino QB in Jeff Garcia for 5 years, yet b/c he looks white and Sanchez looks it all of the sudden he's the face of latino players? If anything, it should be Tony Gonzalez b/c he's not only a record holding, stand up player, but he got his degree and showed the right way to join the NFL.

Sorry, still pissed about today's game and needed to find something to focus my anger upon
El queso esta podrido y mohoso.
Originally posted by Crazy49er1313:
...Is it Latino Heritage Weekend or are they just doing it b/c Sanchez is the QB of the Jets and...

Yes, that fact was mentioned during the broadcast. All the graphics
(at least during the broadcast I saw), were in Español as well. They
had a Half-time show performance, by The Miami Sound Machine,
w/Gloria Estefan, as performer and MC.

I've noticed since the stadium changed it's name in the Jimmy Buffet business deal:

Buffet/Dolphins business deal...

more and more shows of this nature at Half-time of Dolphins games. It probably
has something to do with Management' attempts to enhance the Game-Day
experience, and to bolster ticket sales, that had been in steady decline over previous years.

It could also have a little to do, with the High-Profile partial owners
now attached to the club. Namely, Actor/Performer Marc Anthony,
(Marco Antonio Muñiz), and wife Jennifer "J-Lo" Lopez.

They can often be seen in their Luxury Suite, as the cameras focus on the couple
from time-to-time, during the telecast:

Marc Anthony buys stake in Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins stadium, gets another new name...
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