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Who is worse Kwame Harris or Anthony Davis

Who is worse Kwame Harris or Anthony Davis

The lock, I am in before.
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dudes first two games were at the loudest stadiums in football....
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You do realize Davis is a rookie right? And has only played 3 NFL games? For pete's sake
His game against the Saints was better than Kwame played in any of his five seasons with the Niners.
kwame since anthony doesn't hold. sean smith from the chiefs is a dirty b*****d.
cant blame him for getting frustrated in this game, shaun ellis apparently repeatedly went for davis's "private parts"
jesus H bald-headed christ . . . really?
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
jesus H bald-headed christ . . . really?

heck even alex mack said the same thing against him, so i believe anthony

Davis played better last week against the Saint than Kwame probably ever played and thats bad.
I thought I told you to never mention the K word around here!
The kid is 20 years old and has only played 3 games? Ill give him a few years before I compare him to Kwame
This seriously is the most retarded thread I have seen since.. well last week. You want to judge a 20 year old kid in his 3rd NFL game? God almighty.
dont hate on the OP yet.....just like every other previous thread that sounded retarded.....this could come true
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