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Bill Simmons - NFC West Stinks


He's not wrong in saying the NFC West is the worst division in the NFL but his re-alignment doesnt fix the issue.

Plus there isnt an issue. Just because its down now isnt a reason to rip everything up and realign. The winner of the division will not have a losing record, mark my words.

I really dislike this guy to begin with, dont find him funny or entertaining but this just put me over the edge. Stupid New England fan. I live in CT and I'm around it and they're honestly just annoying people. They believe the Pats, sox, celtics, etc.. are entitled to everything.

What do you guys think?
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The NFC West does stink and so does Bill Simmons.
I think it's a fair argument. Usually when one team has conquered the division, they've really faced little adversity from anyone else in the division.

I do think that whatever team does win the division will a have a greater than .500 record.

I love how he fails to mention that generally when NFC West teams have made the playoffs, they've done well for themselves. They usually aren't blown out in a 1 and done game.

I will say though that I'm personally not a big fan of Simmons or nation-wide reporters in general.

I read it as well and was incredibly insulted and didn't read anything of true relevance. Just sounds like a uy who had nothing to write this week for his article so he decided to rip on a weak division that just so happens to be on the West Coast.

Yeah, we are the overall worst division over the last few years. But, if he did any REAL research, from 1998-2009, the Superbowl was represented by more than one NFC West squad in 5 of the Superbowl (Atl 98, StL 99, StL 01, Sea 05, Ari 08), where I don't see any AFC East squad outside of NE representing. Also, bet he forgets that span from 1997-2001 when the AFC East wasn't too spectacular and the AFC West was the best in the AFC.

If anything, the NFC West might have one of the best playoff team production from top to bottom over the past two decades. Regular season wise, yeah our division sucks, but at least we didn't have a team that went 16-0 in the regular season to lose in the Superbowl
It is a stale topic Plus, the NFC West is the only division to send three different franchises to the Superbowl in the past decade. Who has made it from the AFC East in that time? Dolphins? Jets? Bills? No? Just the Pats? Okay...
Simmons is stupid, he is a basketball guy anyways. Let me know how you like it when heat smash celtics this year bill. Wrong forum, I know, had to throw it in there
Well, a couple of things:

I am kinda on the fence on Bill Simmons. He can be incredibly annoying and his jokes can feel incredibly forced, especially when he is doing his Boston homer shtick again. Also, his main interests seem to be, in this order, the NBA, the MLB and then the NFL, so it always seems he talks even more out of his ass when he writes about football.

That said, sometimes, he can be funny and a suprisingly insightful writer, but in my experience reading him, this only happens in two scenarios: Either he has a totally wacky, far out idea and manages to run with it (his levels of losing is something I found pretty interesting, for example), or his Boston teams have to lose.

For some strange reason, I think his writing is much better when he describes and explains a crushing loss from one of his teams, which only gives me more reason to root against him and his teams

Now, his idea with the realignment is nothing new and of course has a few good points for it, but like all proposed fixes for some perceived "broken" playoff system, I believe they are not necessary because those trends have always been cyclical and will even themselves out over time. His specific example would have the big problem of diluting division rivalries, because you will then not play all your division opponents twice a year. That could seriously damage some great and long-standing rivalries which a great for the NFL. Think for example, that Cowboys-Redskins or Bears-Packers or other rivalry games would not be guaranteed to have two games each year? Ridiculous.

A different example that comes up with regularity would be a perceived AFC-NFC imbalance. This topic came up so often with playoff seeding because one of the conferences was perceived as weaker and so it was an injustice that teams from that "weak" conference should get playoff spots while more deserving teams from the other conference (sometimes even with better W-L records) had to stay home. A few years ago, this was the case where the AFC was perceived as much stronger, but again, those things are cyclical. During the Niners glory years, the NFC championship game was considered the "real" Super Bowl because the NFC had the dominant teams at that time. I am pretty sure during that time, the very same discussions popped up, just flipped around.

Finally, Simmons bemoans the weak NFC West and how those teams are dreadful. Well, as a Patriots fan, he should not cry too loud, because the Patriots had a dreadful division for quite some time. Having patsies like the Bills or older, incompetent versions of the Dolphins (which have been 1-15 just a few years ago) and Jets in the same division surely helped the Patriots get easy division wins and padded their stats for playoff positioning. So he should remember that saying about stones and glass houses

Edit: I forgot to mention one of my funniest Bill Simmons observations: A few years ago, he convinced his wife (who is not a sports fan at all) to pick NFL games against him. In exchange for her cooperation, she got a little guest column part in his weekly picks column. Long, short story: Not only did he get humiliated by his wife in picks (I think at the end of the year she had a pretty sizable lead), but I think even her guest columns were funnier than his
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F*ck Bill Simmons.
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Bill Simmons needs to shut the f**k up and stick to basketball.
I like how mike sando pointed out

since 2002, the NFC West has the 2nd best post season record

f**k him and his Boston homer behind. If the NFC West is so terrible, why is it that 3 teams have gone to the SB this decade? If the NFC West is so terrible, how come it was the AFC West that produced a .500 division winner two years ago? I understand the NFC West may be bad this year, but to just slam all 4 teams as perennial losers by this douche of all people, pisses me off.
it does stink
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The truth hurts.
isnt he a music producer? lol
Originally posted by crzy:
Bill Simmons needs to shut the f**k up and stick to basketball.

Cosigned. I actually find it insulting that he thinks a 5 time superbowl winning team should switch to the AFC. Seriously bro? Its 1 thing to switch the Seahawks or some team like that, but the NINERS? No way... SMH. Besides, the NFC West has done well in the playoffs for the teams that got there. Seahawks, Rams, and AZ all have made the SB this last decade. Just last year the Tards pretty much owned the Packers in the playoffs(yeah I know it went to OT) and everyone loves the packers. Simmons is a MORON.
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