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Player/Coach most and least deserving of a Title

As much of a whiny comlaining b***h I think he is, Damon Bruce had an interesting question today, which was a two part question: What player or coach (without one) is most deserving of a championship and which is least deserving of one? So I thought I'd ask it here.

I'm gonna say that the most deserving is Jeff Fischer, and least deserving is T.O.

Ok now go.
Yeah Damon has WAY too much credibility, so they had to move him to 1050. Only blind homers are allowed on the 680 airwaves.
Id say most deserving is TO
Least deserving is Vincent Jackson
Least deserving was mother f**king JJ STOKES. THANK GOD he didn't get a f**king ring when he joined the Carolina Panthers a week before the SB. Thank you Adam Vinatieri
Jeff Fisher is a good pick

as far as players go, I think a guy like Tony Richardson is really deserving, or from our own team, Takeo Spikes

As far as least deserving, DeAngelo Hall...can't back up all the s**t he talks and he's soft too

cant think of any coaches at the moment but a couple years ago, Saban or Petrino would've qualified easily
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