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The Cowboys and Vikings are both 0-2

Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Originally posted by ads_2006:
An 0-3 Minnesota start, and I expect Peter King or Chris Mortensen or Jay Glazer to publish pictures of Favre's bruised and swollen ankle. A doctor will be on ESPN around the clock talking about all the potential lifelong damage Favre could do to his ankle if he continues to play.

I dunno. They do play Detroit, and at home..

On the other hand, they have Shaun Hill!


and Calvin Johnson and Jahvid Best. Hill almost pulled it off against the bears but the nfl ripped them off big time and he almost brought them back against philly, both of those teams are better than the cowgirls so it could happen.
Cowboys - 1-2

VIkings 1-2

9ers- 0-3

other 2 actually had a gameplan to win.
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