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NFL Week 2 Thread

Looks like the officials are going to help the Cowboys even their record
7-0 Atlanta.
Favre and Minny fail to convert 4 and 1.
Vick's first play as a starter, he trips over the center, but gets the hand off to Mccoy.
Miles austing got Jacked Up!
Cutler is gonna get killed
Cutler getting beat up
boy Martz hasn't learned anything from getting fired everywhere he goes

wtf bears
Damn I want to watch vick play
Every team in the NFC West will be 1-1 after Monday night, I can seriously see that s**t happening out of nowhere.
come on titans
Jahvid Best is good
Originally posted by teeohh:
Damn I want to watch vick play

Link to Lions/Eagles game on Veetle
Lions are looking stout in their running game. But I'll tell ya though, the Eagles could be an easy win for us in 3 weeks.