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QB most likely to be traded before deadline?

QB most likely to be traded before deadline?

KOLB is hot garbage
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Originally posted by CrAnKD4TCRabTree:
We should trade for big ben

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Vick is Philly's insurance policy until Kolb becomes a legitimate NFL starter. If Big Ben comes back and behaves himself, his transgressions will be forgotten. None of those 3 are going anywhere.
Originally posted by valrod33:
KOLB is hot garbage

Whats Alex then?
Jed had the balls to make Mike f'n Singletary look like a public b***h this morning....maybe he'll have the nuts to give the Eagles what they actually want for Vick....even after his value has skyrocketed these past few weeks.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
I never understood the 's handed out around here anytime someone would bring up getting McNabb.

Because McNabb has always been overated. He plays good in the regular season, but chokes in big games and in the playoffs. Although, since the 49ers look like they won't be seeing the playoffs again any time soon...McNabb may have been the perfect fit!

Honestly, I never liked Mcnabb. Then he came out with this interview a few years ago crying about the "pressures of being a black QB". Whaaa! MY response to that is STFU, and if you can't handle being a QB then you shouldn't have become one - but it was pathetic to make it anything at all about being black. The best response to that came from a "young" Vince Young - who said he thought there was a lot of pressure playing QB, and it had nothing to do with being black.
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