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Could Troy Polamalu be our #1 WR?

I was serious. Why is it such a ridiculous question? Polamalu's strength and courage is just as much an asset to a receiver as it is a safety. His hands are incredible, just check his highlight reel. As for having people's e-cred, I could care less. What do you guys have outside of this message board? Apparently not as much as you'd like. What a a pretentious crowd...
Dino that Giff is disturbing.
Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:

no but he can be our no.1 running back, are u sick in the head?

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Originally posted by jrg:
is this s**t?
Originally posted by IWASATTHECATCH:

Well our receivers couldn't catch, run routes, or keep 2 feet in bounds last year, Polamalu can at least catch, so yeah he can on our team. Not on other teams though..
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Get off your dads account! does he know your on his computer?
No I don't think so because he is an instinctive player who really plays a free lance role on defense and WR are offensive players who need to run precise timing patterns within an overall game plan to exploit matchups.
keep on trollin
Originally posted by jrg:
is this s**t?
Keep that outside-the-box College Football mentality in College where it belongs. That s**t won't fly in the NFL!!!
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