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Calvin Johnson TD

worst call ever
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Originally posted by 49ersMyLife:
The call was right, the rule is stupid. They need to change this stupid s**t in the off-season.

Exactly, he has to control the ball after hitting the ground. Bad thing he obviously used the ball to push himself up from the ground, he had a firm grip on it the whole way. The rule needs changing.

On a lighter note how would everyone feel if "rag arm" Hill pulled out a game like that on a long pass?
Originally posted by dman:
I hope CJ does something crazy next time he catches the ball in the end zone.

Like just stands there for 10 minutes with the ball secured in both hands ... anything to mock that nonsense that was called.

I bet he does something like that. Story on about him having something prepared.

I can picture him staying on the ground for a LONG time and then after getting up shoving it in the face of a ref and over exagerrating the fact he has it.

As an aside this rule is an example of how lawmaking in our gov't works as well. That is one reason I find this fascinating. We make a stupid law...someone pays the price and brings attention to gets changed.
i was so pissed at that call. i had CJ on my fantasy team and i was rooting for hill to beat chicago. NFL ripped them off
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