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Hall of Fame Game- Dallas vs Cincy

JTO's biggest problem is he held on to the ball too long and tried to make plays when nothing was there resulting in turnovers. One play he would look like Houdini and escape 5 tacklers and complete a pass. The next play he would hold on to the ball too long and lose it or throw a pick. Some plays I was like wow, he has great potential, the next I was questioning if he was playing his first game.

Side note: Jordan Palmer might not be playing with his brother much longer. Wow, two INTS and a pick 6. He's got to see those linebackers underneath. Not sure he was a good QB to begin with but maybe he is there for Carson.
Originally posted by teeohh:
Palmer says that shipley is the smartest rookie he has ever been around

I wanted us to draft him

Steal in the 3rd round... I think he is going to be a great player although it will be hard for him to shine at WR right away with 85, 81, Bryant and Greisham.
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