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Michael Irvin: I Had Sex In Hall Of Fame Jacket

Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
R.I.P Homo4Romo's delusions

I said he had a great work ethicn not great character at the time.

Anyway this is a 9ers board, so sticking up for a Cowboys player here is useless
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Irvin is one of the most hated ex-nfl players in here, I doubt anyone comes close.
A Cowboy I actually like. I wish they would have him call games instead of Aikman and Joe Buck. Just thinking about it makes me want to put the TV on mute.
Irvin and that b*****d Deion are the most annoying of all the cowboys i think. aikman was always a true professional and emmit was pretty humble too. these clowns were annoying. f**k michael "dope nose" ervin
whatever the case

he makes some great bbq sauce
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