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our (ex) man Shaun doing his thing

Shaun Hill educates the Lions...
But he says he actually has "a variety of releases," reacting to different situations. For years, he got most of his reps on the scout team, when pass rushers often came free and his offensive linemen often were young. He learned the art of the quick release.

He learned the art of getting sacked, he couldn't scramble from a 10 year old.

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You know, it's like A League of Their Own... A movie about an All-Girls League.

Seems like Burleson is saying Hill throws like a girl.
All jokes aside, I hope he tears it up in Detroit when given the opportunity. After all, he had a 10-6 record with us and this was during the time when our team was at their lowest...including other QBs like Dorsey, Pickett and Dilfer who couldn't get the job done.
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Originally posted by valrod33:

lol! Why is Alex with Carson Palmer?
Originally posted by NickV:
Originally posted by valrod33:

lol! Why is Alex with Carson Palmer?

Madden Challenge? idk LOL
I thought he was drinking it up with Scot McCloughan

Originally posted by valrod33:

By the way, I love the first line:

If Matthew Stafford throws fastballs, you might say Shaun Hill throws change-ups.

Nonetheless, I wish him well.

STFU Hill and go fishing
Originally posted by TeambyTheBay:
STFU Hill and go fishing
These comments from his receivers are like the nicest ways of saying "This guy has a noodle arm!!!!!!!!!"
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