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Chad Ochocinco

that was just awesome
Freaking awesome. I will say this, Ocho Cinco has always been my Fav player outside of the 49ers. After all even if its considered a Cardinal Sin by most to own a jersey outside of your own team. His is the only other jersey i have in my closet thats not a 49ers Jersey. Just an all around great dude.

Spend a month on Twitter following him during the football season and you will see how great of a dude this guy is.

He has Movie Fridays, where he posts the theatre and time and the first 100 Fans that show up get in the movie free his treat. He often posts where he is eating at and invites fans to join him there also. During Xmas, When he was in minnesota for a game, he offered to cover some ones xmas list up to 5000 dollars if they came and picked him up at his hotel and took him to mall of america. Just a crazy great dude.
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