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Trade Boone or Snyder to Broncos

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think we could get a 2nd for Boone?? then we could use that 2nd, send it to the Phins and get All-Pro Kory Sheets back so he can bring us to a Super Bowl trophy

Then we could swap our 1st round with the Broncos' 7th round and Brady Quinn. Put Quinn at linebacker inside next to Alex Smith -- Quinn/Smith in the middle?! Yikes, that's a scary duo. P Willy goes back to returning kicks (his specialty), and we'll definitely get that 17th SB Trophy we're in line for!

Any chance we get Spiller still? I mean, maybe trade our 1st next year + our new stadium that isn't built yet? We can put Spiller at QB and then we would not lose another game until 2019.
Neither Snyder or Boone don't have any value with any teams.
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I don't recall hearing that Denver was looking to trade for a lineman ? Just because a backup OL may be done (and one who has dressed for 3 NFL games in 3 years) does not mean they will be pursuing any trades....they could probably fill that spot with a FA.
Has anyone noticed, Boone is at best third on the depth chart. Snyder is not a starter but a serviceable back who knows our system. Maybe he'l get better with Solari as OL coach. Besides its so far from the start of the season and anything can happen. Unless you know the niners are going to get rid of him its best to keep him. To early to trade anyone now, if you were a good GM you would wait till people get desperate because of injuries, now with everyone just finsihed drafting and the second go round for FA to be had, no one is going to careless and give up anything good, especially for Snyder.
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I think Boone will see another year on the practice squad. The fact that he's seeing time at LT and RT means that the 49ers coaching staff envision him as the replacement of Barry Sims in 2011.

Snyder is still playing with the first team BTW.
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