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Jamarcus Russell vs Ryan Leaf

Jamarcus Russell vs Ryan Leaf

Originally posted by bayarealuv:
i still think russell can do well w/ another team.. he did his best to get his arse out of oakland
While Oakland is dysfunctional, Jamarcus was their biggest problem. He will never succeed anywhere.
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
I think Russell is the bigger bust. He was the #1 pick and lasted several years less than Leaf in the NFL. Leaf was an idiot but Russell is even worse in my opinion.
Leaf only lasted 3 years and Jamarcus just finished his third year.
Money should not be a factor. Can't cross compare salaries over something like 10 years

Leaf is the bigger bust. At the end of the day, we are relying on a lot of hearsay about Russells attitude...where as Leaf showed the world what an a*****e he was.
damn i didnt pay too much attention back then, i had no idea anyone could have s**ttier stats than russle. leaf sucks and he was a mega douchebag, jamarcus sucks and is a dumbass. id give it to leaf tho, thats f**kin horrible
Can I just pick up a random mexican from home depot to play QB instead ?
I'll take the plank!!!

$39 Million...nuff said!
Originally posted by Janitor:
Statistically, Leaf. Attitude, Leaf.

Screwing over his team, Russell. Making too much money to suck so bad, Russell.

Attitude for leaf hmm naww i mean he's a head case and can't control his temper, but russell's lazy fall's asleep in meetings doesn't give 100 hell not even 50 % kid has amazing talent he's also a big load to bring down a amazingly impressive arm. but no work ethic at all and just flat out seems like he doesn't want to do what it takes to be great!
Still Leaf, yet Russell is very close.
In favor of Russell beeing teh bigger bust

1. taken first overall
2. holding out
3. having no work habbits at all
4. Throwing his whole team under the bus.

his stats are better than those of Ryan Leaf yet he is the first one who has gotten the "honor" of beeing mentioned in the same sentence with Leaf.

It seems that his whole collegiate career was just designed to become the first pick overall and to get a fat contract everything after that is not important to Russell.
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Trick question, they're the same person:

well Steve Wyche thinks that the synonime for bust from now is called JaMarcus Russell
Originally posted by Crazy4Niners:
Trick question, they're the same person:

JaMarcus Leaf
What pick was Todd Marinovich???
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