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Raider fans comparing McClain to Willis.

Rolondo McClain in....

Darnell Bing part Duex!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming to a Comedy club near you
only thing i found interesting over there besides the tebow/donkey talk.
any thoughts?

Originally Posted by OWShaddock
Is Patrick Willis better than the 35-year-old Ray Lewis who will step on the field this upcoming season? Perhaps.

But Willis simply does not compare to Lewis in his prime, and I'm stunned to see some people think he's even better. Lewis in his prime was one of the very few defensive players I've ever seen who literally could take over a football game. LT and Reggie White are the others.
Willis simply is not in that league, and probably never will be. That's no knock on him. He's a great player. But Ray Lewis, he ain't.

Patrick Willis = Brian Urlacher
Rolando McClain = Harry Carson

as usual you are spot on. Lewis was the best MLB i have ever seen in his prime. I never got the chance to see Dick Butkus but imho lewis in his prime was better than singletary or lambert. Lewis was the best pure mlb of the last 30 years.

And i think you are spot on in your assessment that willis is similar to urlacher. what makes willis so special is his pass coverage skills. He is perhaps even better on third down than he is on first or second down.

McClain is probably the best pure run stuffing mlb i have seen in college over the last 20 plus years. his ability to shed blockers and diagnose plays is second to none but he doesnt have the pure raw speed that willis had and is probably not going to be as good as willis or urlacher in pass coverage. mcclain actually reminds me of harry carson a lot. I also think he has a lot of ken norton in him. i expect him to have a great career for us and to help solidify our run defense. great pick imho but one that isnt the end all to our run stopping problems. we still need to get a dt/nt who can pair up with seymour and help solidify the interior traingle of run defense (imaginary traingle connected the dts and ilbs).
Willis = Urlacher?
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