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Anthony "Bam" Davis

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Why we trade our 4th to move up 2 spots for Anthony Davis...????????
Why we trade our 4th to move up 2 spots for Anthony Davis...????????
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Meh. Not worth it.
Moving up made no sense but at least we got an OT. He didn't look happy that we picked him though. He knows he's going to have to work hard in SF
wow kwame harris 2.0???????????????????? dude baluga? booo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kid is way too young. he's going to make so many mental mistakes his first 2 years? bad move man
McClueless is still behind this draft!!!!!!!!!! i dont' care what any says!!!!
Meh. Not worth it.

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Not sure this is a great pick.... can't understand why we gave up a 4th rounder either to move up ....
WHAT ABOUT BALUGA???????????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lazy!!!! i KNEW we were gonna pick him when i saw him being labeled lazy...BOOOO!!!!!!!
4th round is bad luck for the 49ers for sinces 10 years..!! well.. we don't need the 4th round.. anyway
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