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Albert Haynesworth is on the block and being sued..update pg 2

he should go back to the Titans
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Originally posted by BigDaddy:
Skins said he's not on the trading block.

Eagles said McNabb wasn't being shopped 2 weeks ago too.

You're right, I should have added "yet" to that.
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in 3... 2.... 1......

Saw this one coming, but not after one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!
yea this one i don't buy at all
Originally posted by marshniners24:
Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
in 3... 2.... 1......


Eddie D and Carmen P would have been all over this one...

But I can already hear Haynesworth complaining about playing NT in the 3-4 if he landed with us...So no thanks
Damn & at one point i wanted the niners to pursue him good thing we didnt sign this lazy fat f*ck just got paid & became a bum
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we play 3-4 so he wont be coming here or arizona but seattle is a possibility cus they like making splashes like this

Well thats the problem, Wash is said to be moving to a 3-4 and Albert wants no part of it. He wants out!
Well we are paying Franklin 7 Mil this year.....

Don't want him, typical he gets his $$$ and get lazy.
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Just when it seemed like the Captain America doctor with a burrito in his pants was running away with "news lede of the year," Albert Haynesworth has decided to help the New York Post throw its hat in the ring too, with the news that the lane-clogging, no-training-camp showing Redskins' tackle is getting sued for by a pregnant ex-girlfriend for a whole lot of cheddar.

Silvia Mena, whom the Post claims is a "Salma Hayek look-alike" is purportedly preparing to file legal papers in the Brooklyn Supreme Court that will claim that Haynesworth impregnated her, abandoned her and which will demand upwards of $10 million to help cover what would presumably be medical costs and punitive damages.
She claims in the documents that after learning about the pregnancy, Haynesworth promised to "emotionally and financially support Silvia." But, "after making such promises . . . Haynesworth has abandoned the pregnant Sylvia Mena . . . He has refused to provide any emotional or financial support of Silvia Mena or his unborn child."Her lawyer -- Salvatore Strazzulio -- told the Post that he would be filling the papers in court on Wednesday. He also claims that Mena has had to apply for Medicaid to take care of her medical bills.

The timeline for this ordeal -- Mena, a 25-year-old exotic dancer in Brooklyn, claims they met in Miami and that Haynesworth romanced her at the Super Bowl before inviting her to his house in Tennessee -- is a bit odd, though, in that it's not like they dated for several years.

Or even several months. In fact, it would seem that they (according to Mena) met in late 2009 in Miami and then hung out again there during the Super Bowl in February of 2010. Shortly after that, Mena claims she told Haynesworth about the pregnancy and he left her high and dry.

It's obviously a he-said/she-said thing that'll end up happening, and in a situation involving a high-profile athlete with a not-so-sterling off-the-field reputation, it wouldn't be surprising to see this go away quickly while involving some sort of settlement.
how can you sue for that reason
Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:
Well we are paying Franklin 7 Mil this year.....

........... and?
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