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Albert Haynesworth is on the block and being sued..update pg 2

Albert Haynesworth is expected to remain on the trade block after being offered up by the Redskins in talks with the Eagles.

The Redskins recently paid Haynesworth a $21M option bonus. According to's Jason La Canfora, Haynesworth has "not made a good first impression" on Mike Shanahan after clashing with Skins coaches last year.


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awesomemuahh for haynesworth
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dumbass redskins
in 3... 2.... 1......
lets sign him!!!
Glad we didn't jump on that bandwagon
I thought it was telling, that the Eagles didn't want him as part of the trade. Dude must be a hella douche. Glad we didn't sign him. This should be a lesson for all those that think we should sign every free agent that's out there.
Some of the biggest news in the NFL this off-season has to be that the Redskins are shopping the player they signed last year to a 42 mil guarantee. Word is the Skins are looking at Adam Carricker from the Rams.

It also seems that Seattle has the ammo (2 1st round picks) and the desire to improve their defense. They have also been

I dont think Arizona would be a great fit, but they lost a lot of talent on defense this year and are going to be looking to reload.

49ers are probably not going to pursue him. He and Singletary would clash.
we play 3-4 so he wont be coming here or arizona but seattle is a possibility cus they like making splashes like this

With the Redskins paying defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth a $21 million bonus last week, we're told that the practical length and value of his contract is three years, $16 million, with $9 million guaranteed.

As a league source opined, "Every team in the NFL would have interest in that."

The question is whether and to what extent the Redskins would want reimbursement of the money paid last week. And that question depends on whether the Redskins prefer cash or draft picks -- and whether the teams that want him are willing to give up cash or draft picks.
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He won't end up with the Niners for two reasons:

1) He has never played in a 3-4. There is no guarantee that he would be any good.
2) He has publicly stated that he does not want to play in a 3-4.
Skins said he's not on the trading block.
Originally posted by BigDaddy:
Skins said he's not on the trading block.

Eagles said McNabb wasn't being shopped 2 weeks ago too.
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