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Randy Moss Vs Jerry Rice-Let's be real.

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my brain exploded after just looking at how long that was

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Ok, no matter what you say,

Moss is not better than RICE. He never will be.

Rice is the GOAT, i dont' even have to be a niner fan to know that one.
moss=goat cheese
i didnt read it all either, but here's my 2 cents...

Are there and were there more physically gifted WR's than Jerry Rice? Yes
Moss being one of them. Sure Moss on a good day, when he had his head on straight and was motivated could not be covered. I mean, srsly you could tell the defense, we're bombing it to Moss and they could not defend it. The guy had effortless speed, sure hands, hops and superb body control.

Now the problem with Moss is and has always been between the ears. The fact is be considered "the best" you have to have production to back it up. The fact that Rice did it for so long and holds all the records, by miles, makes him the best.

Moss got himself traded the the Raiders and then pouted until the Raiders were handcuffed into trading him for a 4th rounder. We all know he was worth more than that, but 30 other teams werent willing to give up more than a 4th rounder cuz they didnt want his baggage.

If you really want to judge a player you take the good with the bad, and i'm sorry Randy Moss at his best, is not worth all the stuff that comes with Randy Moss at his worse.
you have too much time on your hands
You obviously didn't read it, & for some reason the paragraphs didn't stay. But the fact you wouldn't read it tells me your not interested in hearing about Randy Moss having better stats. You said, Rice had more longevity is starting to be false. Moss got more TD's(13 td's, rice only got 8) in his 12th season than Rice, and had a 4 more yards per catch. Rice never got more than 9 tds after that. It appears Moss wil have better seasons after 12th year on.
& for that viking trade comment and 4th round crap, what the hell does that have to do with who is just better "in between the lines." to me, it's no question, Moss is better on the field than Rice. Do your time to read what I wrote. It's actually quite interesting. & I included the H.S. and college stuff just to show you who we are debating about. Moss broke Rice's records in college too, and the debate was going on back then. Just stating that Moss has been the best, forever, basically.
I know, it's hard to believe a 9er fan talking this way about Rice,but as a true NFL fan & receiver Coach, I can say, Moss is better. I just think all the years saying, Rice is GOAT, in effect brain washed you all to think that's final & can't be changed. The media is responsible.
Moss's stats are better than Rice's & they will be when he retires. ( that is, if he has the team & qb around him)
I just wrote that, cause most of you just don't know football enough, when I hear your comments to why Rice is the best over Moss. There's no substance. It's all, oh, rice has 3 rings, or well, moss is a better athlete, but that doesn't make him better. I mean, no one has any legitament argument. Read the interesting stat facts I put in that article. it's amazing all the stuff Moss has done & will do before he's done.
As an NFL fan & receiver fan, I think it's a tragedy, our modern day media tore the perception of Moss apart. In any other era, Moss would be regarded as Michael Jordan, as far as skill goes to the rest of the league. Rice couldn't hold Moss's jock, as far as talent goes, & i'll stand by that forever. It's simple, we've never seen an athlete like Moss before & his stats are beginning to show that. I mean, Moss being on weaker teams for his career & Rice having HOF players all around him his entire career, Moss's stats are just as good and could break Rice' TD record. It's interesting to think about. What will you say if Moss breaks Rice's TD record, years youger & like 5 seasons shorter? "Moss was in passing era".
I mean the facts are there, Moss is on pace to break Rice's TD record. He broke his college TD record,and he has the single season TD record in NFL, Moss got most TD's ever as a rookie in college and the pros! And he didn't have a great team till his 10th season in the league, and Rice started career and played his whole career with superbowl caliber team.
"Rice didn't get 23 TD's in 16 game season."
Moss as 3 seasons with 17+ td's
Rice only has 2.
The more research you do, the more it seems Rice was over rated. Ya i know, that is just wrong to say. But the fact is, Moss has been dominating Rice stats for years,including college. When he broke Rice's TD record in college, Moss was a rookie, & rice set those records as a senior.
Mid season, next year, Moss WILL pass up Rice's receiving TD pace.
Just looking for someone that has validity and some kind of real sense of the game. Not, "oh, i'm a niner fan & rice is god" If your objective, it's really easy to find things Moss owns Rice at.
You mention Moss not winning a superbowl when he got to N.E. with brady, finally on a good team. but don't forget, Moss was 1 crazy play(helmet catch) away from catching the winning TD & completing a perfect season which included 23 td catches & a record point setting team. That's not good enough? haha i mean, c'mon man. 2 years with brady = 36 tds. Thats not amazing? haha
Even got 11 with Cassell when brady got hurt. I mean,you guys cant see the facts? If has 3 seasons averaging 15 TD's,he will break Rice's record 7-8 seasons faster & 5-6 years younger.

To me it's easy to debate the two, then again, i prolly know more about football than you all do as an X player & current wide-out coach.
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A lot of your points have nothing to do with being the greatest NFL Receiver. Cool facts like Moss being timed at 4.19 in Minny and him winning High School track events have nothing to do with how many records he's gonna break of Jerry's he's gonna break.

The only thing you need to look at is this link:

Given, many of these are minor records, but I'm willing to bet there are more records there than Randy Moss has catches in his career.
you didn't read it either, i posted all the stats u needed.

still haven't had 1 person talk about the stats & the fact that Moss is on pace to break the TD record. Take your time & read it all. Even Rice would shy away from reading it i suppose, if it described how Rice's records will fall and how Moss has owned Rice since college.
& ether, thx for stat link, found some more Moss stats that he bests Rice in. Moss usually bests rice in the amazing stats, like the one I just learned. Moss is the fastest receiver ever to 9000 yards. Moss is in line to break most of those records, cool thanks.
This kind of comparison can only be truly valid when moss hangs em up. Everyone thought TO was gonna break all of Jerry's records, but look at him now. What happens between now and the end of Moss' career is up in the air.

I'm sorry but that post is too damn long to read and horribly structured. Maybe tidy it up a bit if you want people to read it. Otherwise nobody is gonna take this topic seriously.

And nobody cares about what they did in high school and college. Just look at Peter Warrick. Dude's a college legend but that doesn't mean squat at the pro level. Hell Michael Jordan didn't make his high school team... look at him now.
Youngest player in NFL history to record his 120th receiving touchdown - (30 years, 313 days). that record stat right there should scare Rice. This is old stat, but Moss is still the youngest to reach TD total he has now.

Highest career yards per catch average for any player with 900+ receptions - 15.6 yards per reception. NFL record.

At the end of the 2008 season, Moss averaged 12.3 receiving TDs per season. NFL RECORD.

Moss has averaged at least one receiving TD per game played in four different seasons. NFL RECORD.

Most 1200+ yard receiving seasons to start a career - 6. NFL RECORD

Only player to have 1,600 receiving yards and 16 receiving touchdowns in a season. NFL RECORD.

Most games in a season with at least 2 touchdown receptions - 8. NFL RECORD.

Most seasons with 17 or more touchdown receptions - 3. NFL RECORD.

I listed these records, because they mean a lot. It clearly shows Moss has more impressive stats,as far as average and td's stat goes, & being younger. Paints a picture of, "wow, Moss is the bomb"
By your logic, Dan Marino & Brett Favre > Joe Montana

Stats ain't everything. Rice had the Raiders playing for a Superbowl.
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