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Favorite Endzone dances

I'm a fan of MJD
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Originally posted by maximill15:
I'm a fan of MJD

"he didnt learn that at De La Salle!"

i live right across the block from De La
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Dances 1-3, Best TD dances ever
Loved Merton's Chicken Dance. Every time Spencer intercepts the ball I half expect him to do it just because he's wearing the same number.
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Dieon had a cool dance.

Recently when Steve Breaston did the Razor Ramon dance was cool.
Gonna get hated on for this but Deion Sanders had the best dance of all time. I remember trying to mimic that s**t every time I played football, I even wore a red Niner bandana

please excuse the song in the vid, it's so wack.

Flash 80 back when rocked "The Cabbage Patch"

T.O. and the "steal the pompom" dance! FTW! hahahaha!
Horrible quality, but this video has some good ones.

David Anderson did Conan's string dance

Owens celebrations are better than anything Ocho has done
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