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Kamerion Wimbley traded to Oakland

Originally posted by KRS-1:
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
hmmm since 2006

Terrell Suggs - 27 sacks
Kamerion Wimbley - 26.5

Come on Kalen, you are a much better poster than that. Those stats are quite misleading. For one Suggs had a terrible year that started with a heel injury and then sprained his MCL.

2- Suggs is a much better pass rusher who has multiple pass rush moves unlike Wimbley who is more of a speed rusher than anything else. Suggs is constantly game planned against and faces a ton of double teams. Suggs is also much better in coverage.

3- If Suggs were to be traded tomorrow he'd likely fetch a 1st not a 3rd.

Originally posted by strickac:
Matt Roth outplayed him anyway. Good move for Cleveland if they feel like he didn't fit in longterm. They won't take a cap hit if they move him now. I don't see how Wimbley fits in Oakland though.

I wonder if Oakland will play him strictly at end or if they will take an approach like the Skins did with Orakpo this year, play him at LB in the base D and put your hand in the dirt in nickel packages and go get after the QB.

I took those numbers off of Chris Mortensens twitter. To be honest I think I have only seen Wimbley play once (when we played them in 2007). I haven't seen either of them enough to say who's better or not. Based on reputation its gotta be Suggs.
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