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My man Peyton let me down!!

So my favorite QB in the NFL is Peyton Manning. This guy is a genius when it comes to football and reading a defense. I guarantee many people thought that the Colts were going to beat the Saints. I know the Saints and Drew definitely deserve going to the Super Bowl and even winning it. I am just disappointed with his play in the second half. In the first, their offense was running good and their defense was playing great with those first two defensive drives that ended in punts. The second half came and everything just switched. It was like the Colts let the Saints have the game. Drew Brees went off and hit pass after pass. He basically turned into Peyton Manning and just ripped apart the Colt defense. People say that Peyton chokes in the playoffs, well I didn't think that would be possible with his play during the regular season. I mean, his precision with those throws to the corners of the endzone or just fitting the ball into a hole, he can do it all except scramble. I'm not gonna tell you that he's better than Montana, no but I definitely think that he will be up there with him in a couple years. If the 49ers don't win it, I want to see Manning get there and get what he wants.

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Give yourself a chance on this board buddy!!!!

You're going to get eaten alive for more reasons than I care to count. Good luck and God's speed.
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