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Manning Greatest of all time by Ross Tucker

Originally posted by Janitor:
Originally posted by DesiDez:
Manning has had a pretty similar career to Steve Young's.

Both were outstanding regular season QBs but OK postseason QBs.
Young won 6 passing titles, while Manning has 3.
Young was a 2 time MVP, and Manning is 4 time MVP.
Young is 7 time Pro Bowler & 3 time All-Pro, while Manning is 10 time Pro Bowler & 5 time All-Pro
Both have 1 Super Bowl victory and SB MVP
Young has the highest career QB rating of all time with 96.8, while Manning is currently 4th with 95.2
Young was 91-33 as 49ers QB with .733 win pct in the regular season. Manning is 117-59 as Colts QB with .664 win pct.
Young has an 8-6 playoff record. Manning has 9-9 playoff record.
Young had to overcome Aikman and the Cowboys and Manning had to overcome Brady and Patriots

Statistically Young was one of it not the best all time. Outside of statistics, I still think so, but that's more like an opinion.

Desi forgot his rushing stats
Manning might just be the greatest regular season QB of all time.
All I know is Farve is not quite the QB Montana was and Farve could compete at the highest level in this game as an old fart well past his prime.

QBs of yesterday > than the best of today.

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Seriously? Seriously?
Montana has 3 more chips wit a flawless record in the big game. Nuff said. As for mannings latest super bowl showing. The colts simply lost to the better team. Saints when healthy had a better offense tops in the league 3 out of the last 4 yrs and manning plays offense, a better defense when porter and greer were healthy and gregg williams didn't have to help the backup corners and could apply pressure and freelance wit his safeties, better special teams hartley nailed all fgs and they got reggie, and damn sure better coaching. This was an even contest only because of manning being as good as he is, and a pretty good cast, but I didn't see the colts d stopping a number 1 offense even better than peyton's. Montana went 4 times and won em all and could've had a 3peat if craig hadn't fumbled to the giants we would've beat dem bills. Montana is the standard, not peyton. Peyton lost to brady too many times like young lost to aikman. Young is who I compare peyton to in terms of success. How soon we forget the past and become infatuated wit the present
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