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Players undeserving of the Hall of Fame

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If you could kick one player out of the Hall of Fame who would it be? I would have to toss Joe Nammath, even though he played in a time unfriendly to offenses, his numbers are horrible. A lot of years he completed less than 50% of his passes, threw more interceptions than TDs and had a terrible yards per attempt average.
If this thread stays lively, I will post a poll using the 20 most popular names and the zone can vote someone out of the HOF. Maybe you can also name someone who should be in that we can replace the people that don't belong with. I will take for that the first 1,000 & 1,000. yard running back. I think he used to play for the 49ers?
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Joe Namath got into the Hall of Fame on one game alone. His career stats are terrible.
Lynn Swann is another one whose numbers just dont seem to be hall of fame worthy.
Waterfield, Namath, Griese.

All were average at best. Griese was inducted because of ONE season. Namath for one game, and Waterfield because...well, gee, I just don't know.
Namath is the most undeserving half of famer. Just look at his TD/int ratio its terrible.
Namath and Lynn Swann
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I thought this would get a lot of discussion, I was wrong. Thread fail!
namath, swann, for sure and even that rb on the broncos who just got in. Even Largent is a bit of a stretch. Stallworth as well. Bradshaw didn't do much, just watch his D and running game go to work along with 2 good wr's.

Craig deserves to be there
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