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Charles Haley HOF as Niner or Cowboy?

Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Originally posted by RonMexico:
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
You usually want to retire with the team which drafted you, and the team you won your first Superbowl Championship with (unlike Marcus Allen-like situations where there's grudges with the owner/personnel).

My gut tells me that he'll go in a Cowboy, but Bill Walsh was like a father to Charles, took a chance on the guy when nobody else had wanted him before the 3rd round, and Charles came back upon Walsh's request for one last stint, retiring with the 49ers.

If Haley went in a Cowboy though I'd find it pretty s**tty, cause whether or not he and Seifert had got along in later years with the organization, Seifert developed him into a more functional pass-rusher out of the 3-4 (which is rarity amongst 3-4 defenses).


We're talking about post-HOF (team) representation. Every HOF player usually represents one team in the 'sports world'/media monster as the threshold of his legacy.

-This is merely about bragging rights.

TRUE....because when they say x amount of players in the hall of fame are niners, steelers, bears and so on and so on.....that's what we mean here. Whether they go in as "Themselves" is not what we are asking. All of us niner fans want as many "NINERS" in the HOF as possible
Originally posted by MiamiNiner:
Did Haley end up on good terms with the Niners?

He came back and retired as a Niner....I say he goes in as a Niner.
i think of Charles Haley more as a Niner than a Cowboy honestly, and i dont really even remember much of his stay with either team, as i was still young. but i remember his second time with SF.

like i said, you dont go into the HOF with a certain team. you go in as yourself.

they probably wanted to avoid a Wade Boggs situation, where he had bad blood with the team he clearly represented best, and threatened to go in as a Devil Ray.
Originally posted by elguapo:
Originally posted by Legbreaker:
Players go in as themselves. No one goes in as anybody. The NFL HOF doesn't work that way.

Yes captain obvious.....we simply wanted to know who we thought he would goes in AS A MEMBER OF WHICH that better?

You don't go in as a member of any team. You go in as a player, and they just put what teams you played for next to your bust.

So, no, that's not better, it's the same.