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Jets caught with hand in the cookie jar AGAIN(Tampering)

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Originally posted by teeohh:
Originally posted by nvninerfan1:
I have listened to him talk, and there is no way that is a quote from him. I dislike
just about everything Cal, but that couldn't have been a quote from him.

This just in though, do you think a writer would ever embellish an article do sell
copy? I mean, that would never happen right?

you don't like Cal, go kick rocks!

"Me and Revis have been talking to Rex to try to do something." Cal education at its best.
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
Originally posted by Dino:
Asomugha and Revis? Holy s**t.

I would adopt the Jets as my second team if that happened

Not a chance
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Originally posted by luv49rs:
Originally posted by Youngone:
Originally posted by TheSixthRing:
Rex Ryan is a fat tub of lard. I hate seeing that guy and his fat, smug face anytime the Jets are on tv.
This has already been proven to be a joke. Asomugha was JOKING.
Nnamdi wants to play for anyone but the Raiders.

Jets would be ideal, since their secondary is horrible after Revis, and Nnamdi would actually see balls thrown his way for once.

although i think if he played opposite someone as elite as he is, i think he gets exposed a bit. im not so sure Nnamdi is the "legend" hes made out to be. when you got Chris Johnson playing opposite you, why throw a someone whos good at coverage?

he might get burned alot more than people realize if he was tested on a regular basis.
Please God...if Asomugha ever wants to leave the Raiders let us sign him! Thank you in advance!
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