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Kurt Warner to hold press conference Friday

Is it running slow for anyone?
Well it's official.
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DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

f**k i missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!
How many times have I heard "God" so far?
Gotta congratulate Kurt on a great career. He was always the enemy but a great player. NFL will miss him. Dude was fearless standing in the pocket.
Classy guy
grats to Warner, classy classy guy, deserves every accolade he got, and just congrats on a great career.

Im happy we dont have to face him anymore, but im happy he is going out on his terms. And Take care of those beautiful children of his.

Man this guy is hard to hate! He's a great story considering he where he came from but I'm glad he's gone.

Thanks for clearing the path to the division title Kurt.

This Guy is a knobjob. Adios Kurt. Anyone watching this Jesus fest?
I always thought Warner was a class act. He is involved with the community and seems like a good family guy. It sucks that we won't have the opportunity to beat him again!
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Originally posted by NinerPrideinNJ:
This Guy is a knobjob. Adios Kurt. Anyone watching this Jesus fest?

suck it kurt......
I can never truly hate this guy. Yeah, I want us to kill him when we play against him, but I respect him. He's totally the opposite of that diva, Favre
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