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Superbowl Picks..Who ya got?


Who ya got?

I pick Saints by 10.
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Colts by 14.
Colts by 14
Saints by 3.
Saints-38 Colts-34
Colts by 20.
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Los Santos, quatro.
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Saints by 13
Colts 41-17
Originally posted by Hollywood49er:
Colts 41-17

wouldn't surprise me.
I picked the Saints before the season began and I still gonna stick with it.

Go Saints !!!!!!!!!
It's looking like a shoot out. Indy's dline is relatively short and stout so Brees who is barely 6 ft tall should have better field vision than the game vs. the Vikes. If the Jets couldn't pressure Manning I highly doubt the Saints will be able to.

Flip a coin?

I'll say Colts 41 Saints 35 in 1 OT.
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Should be a good game. I love to watch teams chuck the ball.
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Saints 57-54
Originally posted by BigRon:
Saints 57-54