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Does anyone feel bad for Brett Favre??

i do
Only viking I feel bad for is Peterson. One of my fav. players. If Favre wasn't on the vikes, i'd of been rooting for them to go to the bowl.
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
Um, hell no
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I feel bad for Brett Favre like I feel bad for Tiger Woods.
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f**k him and his wranglers
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at first, I was rooting hard for him to fail....towards the end of the game, I still wanted him to lose, but there is a human element there after all... still very much happy he lost, though.

However bad that last throw was, was the Minnesota coaching staff that was to blame for that whole mess at the end of the game... They out-witted themselves in the playcalling and ended up with 12 in the huddle... that forced them to throw the ball at the end.

I think without the coaching gaffe, they run the ball and take their chances at a long field goal....probably the same outcome, but you never know.
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I've watched this repeatedly:

Now excuse me, I have to clean up my keyboard.

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^ ^ Keep in mind, that could be his last play ever.

(Fingers crossed.)
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Despite the fact he owned the 49ers over the years, I DID feel badly for him. He has been a class act over the years and done a great deal for the community both in GB and his hometown.

The Packers basicly shoved him to the curb, which is their right, and forced him to go to NY instead of Minnesota, which was his choice. As a player, he was treated as property, which he was, but that does not take away from the fact he has a right to seek the best job situation he can.

So yes, even though he made a classic mistake, he will now likely remember that last terrible decision far more than all the many great plays he has made. Without Favre, the Vikings would not have even been in the playoffs, and, without the fumbles by Berrian and Peterson, Favre would not have been in the position of making the mistake that took away the opportunity to kick a game-winning FG.

That is the cruel thing about this game, but I do feel bad for Bret Favre. He deserved to go out a winner.
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he can eat a dick

That would be cannibalism.
Originally posted by Crazy4Niners:
I've watched this repeatedly:

Now excuse me, I have to clean up my keyboard.

after the pick, if he would of made a break for the sideline, he probably would of scored.
How much did he "earn" this season...hold on...

Nah, I don't feel bad.
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