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Super Bowl XLIV Saints vs. Colts

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Originally posted by Fincham11:

Brees: I wish I knew how to quit you!
Manning: eazy just hand me the SB
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Saints 85 Colts 84

Saints win! Saints win!

Imagine that?
Originally posted by obx49:
Saints 85 Colts 84

Saints win! Saints win!

Imagine that?

YES! Only two teams I wanted to see in the bowl. Now I can just watch and enjoy. I don't hate either team with a passion. Had the jets or vikes made it, I would of been anxious hoping they don't win.
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I can actually see the Saints winning this. The Colts haven't really played a lot of good passing teams, especially not like NOLA, wheras they have just beat 2 of the best passing teams in the league B2B. In fact if we say the QBs area draw, the Saints are better pretty much everywhere else. I'm just glad we finally got the 2 best teams in the SB.
f**k the Saints. GO COLTS
I just want to see a good game . . . which we should.

I'll be rooting for WHO DAT? Nation to get their first ring.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
I'm okay with either team winning but I think Brees deserves to get a Super Bowl.


+2 - I hope they light up the score boards, too. Should make for some exciting entertainment!
Watch the final end score be 7-3.


colts win. No way they turn the ball over as much as the vike's did. The saints O hasn't looked like it did mid season.
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what's the spread?
Originally posted by DRnSFw:
what's the spread?

Originally posted by Gore_21:
I want the Saints to win but I think the Colts will.
LETS GO COLTS!!!!! at least this sb isnt as bad (teams wise) like last yr when 2 of the teams i least wanted made it cards and steelers
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