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i ask you this...

Those damn Mississippi SeaWolfs!

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Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Montreal Alouettes!

I have 2 favorite teams, the 49ers then anybody playing the Raiders.
Los Angeles Jaguars
1. Arizona Cardinals
2. Oakland Raiders
EPL--Man U
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Originally posted by daver3188:
The steelers, because I live right in the heart of Steeler country, and this stupid sixburgh sh!t really gets to me.

second that! plus half the people around me are steelers fans and they are the worst fans i have ever come across.
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Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
I will always hate the RAMS! They don't even belong in the NFC West. They're west coast traitors and I just love to see them lose. Did I mention they're also in the same divison? Cowboys are a close second.

Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
the bengals with a passion
The raiders, because their fanbase and fans surround my area, trying to bully us niner fans out by their gayass numbers.
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Team - Rams... I absolutely enjoy seeing them lose every single week, it makes me feel good inside.

Fans - its a tie with Raiders and Eagles, Raider fans are bunch of stupid thugs and eagle fans are obnoxious a*****es.
NFL - Cowgirls, Tards, Seahawks
NHL - Rangers, Flyers, Dive-a-canes, Pens (Devils fan)
MLB - Phillies, Braves, Yankees (Mets fan)

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