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Reason #239879087 to hate Cardinals fan

Originally posted by blizzuntz:
never met one

yea i live in DC cards are one of those teams where i've never met or heard of anyone liking them.
Just had a conversation with one of their more knowledgable fans. This is a guy who actually played semi-professional football so he knows the game. That, however, doesnt change the fact that he is just as jaded as other Cardinal fans. Here are the 3 scenarios he told me that he sees the Cardinals doing if Warner retires:

1) Leinart starts, and proves he can play without having to worry about Warner behind him. He knows he is the guy so he will be more confident.

- I actually agreed with him on this one and could see it happening.

2) They draft Tim Tebow and he is Whisenhunt's "Rich man's Roethlisberger".

- I told him they would not draft another 1st round QB without seeing what Leinart could do. They would be stupid because they really dont know at this point. He is in a similar situation to Smith where the team cant give up yet because he has not had a fair shot. Dont forget, they owe him $14 million next year. Not going to happen.

3) This ones my favorite...I laughed in his face for this. He thinks that Pete Carroll will want his USC QB, and will trade for Leinart. That's not the funny part though. The funny part is who he thinks the Seahawks will give up for Leinart. The Trade: Matt Hasslebeck and a 3rd round pick for Leinart.

- Again, I laughed in his face.

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Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
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Originally posted by Snider8706:
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Originally posted by Snider8706:
I hate cardinal fans!!!! I went to drop off my cousin in phoenix and I got pulled over wearing my 21 gore jersey for going 5 miles over the limit!! The cop gave me s**t but let me off with a warning. " this is cardinal territory" is what he said.

What a douche. You basically got pulled over for wearing the 9ers jersey, not for going over the speed limit.

and I have a huge niner sticker on my back windshield.

Yeah I'm sorry to hear that man. Tards fans are f**king stupid, and just an example of a cop using his power in way that he shouldnt't have because he thought harrassing a 9er fan would be fun. You should've bragged about our 5 superbowls, young, montana, lott, rice, Walsh, etc. He would've stfu real quick.he wouldve stfu after beating u to a pulp with his nightstick and laughing for about 45 minutes.

Yeah but then he would've really stfu after Snider sued his ass for police brutality and got millions from the arizona police in the court of law

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