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Peyton Hillis wants to be traded?

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Hillis was on my highschool football team in Conway, AR, he actually lived in my neighborhood. I was a Senior when he was a sophmore and he ran me over every day in practice, the man's a beast. I've always thought he would fit in well in the 49ers offense. Very physical, decent runner, with very good hands. In my opinion he would be an upgrade over M. Rob on offense.

Man, I thought everyone would be impressed that I actually know the guy and played football with him. No love around here.

You need to email McCloughan. Sometimes, Niner fans make better player evaluations than our GM. I have no clue who he is, but since you say he's better than Robinson, that's good enough for me. That'll push Coffee further down the depth chart, too.

I would have been impressed if you hit sticked the guy rather then being trucked..


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He reminds me a lot of Chris Cooley! I remember him playing FB,HB,TE as well as special teams PR/KR. Very athletic kinda like D.Walker. I would like him on our team!
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